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Unlike anything else on the market, the  is the first ever adjustable measuring tool for the home cook that measures both liquid and dry ingredients. Compact, durable and easy-to-use the  will soon become an indispensable addition to every well-stocked kitchen. Additional features and benefits:

  • The only adjustable scoop/cup that measures
    liquid and dry ingredients
  • Slide comfortable rubber thumb-knob to various
    positions to measure different amounts
  • Measures ounces, cups, tablespoons, milliliters, grams (smaller and larger measuring devices will be introduced shortly)
  • Patented mechanism provides smooth, easy operation
  • Space-saving - replaces bulky measuring cups and spoons
  • One-hand adjustability
  • Ergonomic handle and grip
  • Easy to assemble and clean – dishwasher safe on the top rack
  • Virtually unbreakable and stain resistant

 "Try-Me" Set Pack of Nuscups

Blister can either hang or stand. Contains one Nuscup Halfcup and one Nuscup Mini. The color assortment within the blister can be chosen by you.
Easy tear-open tab in the back of the blister

M300 Try-Me Set Pack of Nuscups

Set Pack for PC Nuscups  Set Pack for MET Nuscups

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General Specifications   

How To Use

Comes in 3 sizes:
Nuscup Halfcup 2 tablespoons to 1/2cup (30ml - 140ml)
Nuscup Mini 1/8 tsp to 2 tbsp (5ml - 30ml)
Nuscup SPICE for spices, flavourings and medicine (0ml - 4ml)


NUSCUP pronounced, [new-scoop] a new patented adjustable measuring cup and spoon from Dalla Piazza Switzerland. These handy scoops allow you to select the amount you want to measure, from 1/8th tsp to 1/2 cup. Just scoop up the exact amount of your ingredient - liquid or solid.




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