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In 1955, DALLA PIAZZA INC. was founded in Zurich, Switzerland by Adolfo Dalla Piazza. He first marketed Italian made household and kitchen items troughout Europe. In those days Italy had become one of the leading industrial countries of avante guarde design, color trends and innovative products and his technical input and wide market knowledge considerably influenced the production of new items.
In 1978, Enrico Dalla Piazza, being the second generation in Switzerland, took the company philosophy and the manufacturing skills to the Far East and soon started designing and producing his own range.
Finally in 1994 a subsidiary company was incorporated in Hong Kong.
Since the beginning, products were not only engineered for the consumer market, but for the technical market as well. The skills of our development team were frequently sought by companies seeking solutions for technical problems while manufacturing in China. Hence, feasibility research and production of innumerable OEM articles for many famous brand name companies and leaders in top quality products in the household and other fields were offered along the way.
At the same time we emphasized our main effort in strengthening our own brand in many countries and are now exporting worldwide. In these highly developed markets the brand is well recognized as a leader, providing top quality products at reasonable prices with a well researched functional and ergonomic design. Top of the line articles are sold in specialized retailers and upscale department stores whereas the classic lines sell in supermarkets and the large distribution stores.
Of the many lines offered, the highest quality line is unsurpassed in style and quality. Many of the products have specially added and patented features which make them stand out from the rest of the market .
Today we implement research and development techniques, as well as design and packaging of new items in Italy and Switzerland, utilizing the influence and efforts of many gifted design and construction professionals in various other countries.
Our commitment is to pursue top quality and style. Our products are manufactured in the traditions and the philosophies of half a century ago, and we will continue to meet the discerning taste of a sophisticated clientele who will appreciate these visions.


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